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Quality – Technical

Our commitment to supplying only the highest quality product is paramount. We supply only from accredited mills and sources. Our own quality procedures are fully in line with established quality management systems.

Meeting technical specifications and quality plans is an essential aspect of our supply and all material will be accompanied by a copy of original mill certificates and independent test certificates or a certificate of conformity if appropriate.

Quality – Packing

Packing the material for shipment forms an important part of our service. All material is packed suitable for land, sea or air transportation using the most appropriate media for cost and practical effectiveness and to streamline passage through customs. We adhere to any special customer and / or country requirements.

Wooden PackingWooden Packing

Quality – Value Added Services

In addition to supplying standard material, we can arrange for further processing and / or testing as needed. Through our subcontractor network, we can offer to carry out such work as centreless grinding, peeling, heat treatment and additional testing including ultrasonic testing and third party inspection.


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Key Technical Fact

In 1990, an international conference decided on the universal adoption of a revised international system of measurement with seven base units – metre, kilograms, second, ampere (electrical current), kelvin (temperature), candela (luminous intensity) and mole (quantity of matter).

The metric system of weights and measures was developed in France in the eighteenth century and recognised by other countries in the nineteenth century although many countries still use their own systems.

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